Let’s make it happen….

I am SO excited to share The ADHD Movement Group Coaching programme with you!

Get ready for a revolution…

Join me and become part of The ADHD Movement, a holistic group coaching program designed to help you achieve your life goals through an action-first approach.

I understand what living with ADHD can feel like, and one of the biggest things ADHD can take away from us is our ability to do what it is we know we want to and in a way that is true to who we are.

WE NO LONGER HAVE TO FEEL STUCK. We can move forward, but we need a bit of guidance and support along the way.

This program comes from a place of passion and a desire to help you work with your ADHD brain, rewrite your struggle into strength, and make BIG life changes by showing up more as who you really are!

I also understand that private coaching sessions are not always an option for our community, so I have created a platform that gives you an affordable way to access ADHD coaching with me PLUS so much more.

This method will allow you to delve deeper into understanding your ADHD brain, support you in navigating its challenges, embrace your strengths, and move you closer to achieving your goals.

Let’s get your life moving in a direction that feels TRUE to YOU!

What can you expect after 12 months of coaching?

🧡 Clarity and Self-Understanding:

🧠 Enhanced Focus and Productivity:

🌟 Boosted Motivation and Confidence:

💪🏼 Emotional Regulation and Resilience:

❤️ Better Communication and Relationships:

🧘‍♀️ Life Balance and Well-being:

🤝 Community and Support:

🙏 Personal and Professional Growth:



***12month membership 6 month membership***

*(Launches 16 September)




👉 MOVE OUR BODIES  -  get out of your head and into your body with our weekly ADHD friendly movement classes led by Rosie and Guest ADHD Movement coaches.

👉 MOVE INTO KNOWLEDGE - understand your ADHD brain and what it needs to thrive with our monthly live coaching group and monthly Live Podcasts with ADHD experts.

👉 MOVE OUR MINDSET - get clear on your values and strengths and craft a life that aligns with them with our weekly coaching steps.

PLUS 15% off our ADHD Workshops!!!

👉 MOVE AT OUR PACE  -  find power in the pause with our monthly meditation recordings.

👉MOVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN - accomplish what you set out to do with our Body Doubling sessions and accountability channel.

👉MOVE TOWARDS YOUR TRIBE - be around people who lift you higher!


👉GET THE VIP FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP  FOR JUST £300 P/M ( minimum 12 months commitment (FIRST 10 SPACES) 👈

The ADHD Movement is for you if…

🌟 You want to start or continue your ADHD Coaching in a more affordable way.

🌟 Understanding your ADHD brain better is a top priority.

🌟 You're done with the mask and ready to live authentically.

🌟 Improving your health and well-being is non-negotiable

🌟 You crave ADHD-friendly goals and actionable steps to achieve them.

🌟 You're tired of chasing highs in all the wrong places.

🌟 You're ready to cultivate new, healthy habits.

🌟 Accountability is what you need to turn dreams into reality.

🌟 Connecting with like-minded souls who celebrate your differences is essential.

Ready to move beyond limitations and step into your story of growth and empowerment?

Ready to move beyond limitations and step into your story of growth and empowerment?


I can’t wait for you to join me and shape this movement!

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*VIP Founder's membership rate remains at £300 per calendar month ( for a minimum of TWELVE months), limited to the first 10 members. Minimum 12 month sign up and Spaces are limited.

Please note that once the community launches on 16 September, VAT may be applicable to the monthly membership fee.

Any questions please contact [email protected]